In a struggling economy the poor continue to decline as the elite grow in power.  The incorporation of the cannabis world brings a  whole new level of opportunity.   Colorado has taken the first steps and their economy is booming.  Why is the rest of America forced to suffer?  Toxic cigarette smoke and deadly alcohol interactions are things we deal with on a daily basis, yet the clean bubble of a water herb pipe is looked at as unacceptable?

Historically this mindset has been used to control and manipulate.  We need to live in a world of love and understanding, not power and control.  Its time for the world to change.  Its time for the world to have a new way of thinking.  Most important, its time for us to start valuing each-other.

I respect law enforcement, and I respect the laws of this county, but the nationwide decriminalization of marijuana needs to happen immediately.  Once this is done, we need to have an immediate stop and reversal of the way our healthcare system works and functions as this is the root cause of the issue.

We live in a world of addictions.  From soda to sex, everything can be addicting.  We need to stop ignoring this, we need to stop lying to ourselves, and we need to wake up a society and decide we are going to do things different.  We need to stop treating only the health issues that are financially beneficial and start treating peoples minds.  We need to stop encouraging drug addiction as a solution to medical needs, but ignoring the social fall-out when these drugs are abused.

Only when we all make a commitment to take a step back and re-think the entire picture can we will find ourselves living in a world of change.